When the stakes are too high to fail, mitigate risk with QI Path.

Quickly find, prioritize and address vulnerabilities in any project, program, process or function.

When the stakes are too high to fail, eliminate risk with QI Path

Use QI Path to quickly find, prioritize and eliminate critical vulnerabilities in any process, plan, program or function.

Front line Engagement

Cloud based platform connects staff, managers and leadership across an organization, with a consolidated data source and communications channel, creating a shared view of risk, and providing critical perspectives on where risks really reside.

Rapid Deployment, Fast Results

An enterprise risk management solution that deploys in days, not months or years; intuitive user interface and easy to understand workflows ensure teams are up and running quickly, proactively identifying and mitigating costly risks.

Actionable Insights, Measurable ROI

QI Path leverages lean six sigma methodology to identify, prioritize, communicate and mitigate risks, providing valuable insight that drives better decisions, reduces uncertainties and prevents costly, sometimes catastrophic errors.

Front Line Engagement to Executive Insight


Quickly capture perspective and input from front line staff


Identify and prioritize the opportunities for real impact


Assign and track actions, improve communication, leading high-value improvements


Generate actionable insights for decision making across all levels of an enterprise

QI Path provides decision makers with a window into real time risks facing their business from staff directly involved, creating a streamlined, consolidated framework to work with team leaders and personnel to prevent costly errors and optimize processes.

Proven in complex, high stakes environments

Developed and validated in high risk clinical environments, QI Path’s SaaS solution is a centralized, cost-effective platform that provides real-time views of risk and preventive mitigation activities across the enterprise, with the ability to drill down to locations, departments, functions or processes in seconds. You’ll understand vulnerabilities quickly, make more effective decisions and eliminate costly, avoidable errors. The QI Path platform can stand alone or be integrated with other databases and systems to multiply the value of enterprise data.

“We needed a user-friendly, web-based tool that would allow us to conduct focused, high-gain risk analyze proactively, across global sites. QI Path is THE solution – their product is peerless, and they delivered high quality training and consultation so that we could maximize the gains. The results were beyond even our most optimistic hopes – a greater than 75% reduction in quality and safety issues in the year of implementation.”

Chief Medical Officer, Fortune 500 Clinical Research Organization

Customized, affordable solutions

Whether you are a small company needing a few dozen users or a large, globally-distributed enterprise with dozens of locations and thousands of users, QI Path will configure a solution that fits your objectives, budget and timelines. QI Path can drive measurable improvements in quality, safety and efficiency in any industry, including:

  • Pharma and life sciences
  • Hospitals, health systems and care providers
  • Public agencies
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