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The stakes are high.
Get it right the first time.

Proactively locate, characterize, and manage risk
in any project, system, function or process.

What We Do

We help organizations move from “reaction mode” to a proactive, forward-looking stance to improve quality, mitigate risk and reduce uncertainty with risk-based planning. QI Path integrates proven systems improvement methodologies with powerful, easy-to-use tools to identify, prioritize and address vulnerabilities in high-stakes processes, projects, programs and functions.

We Believe


Preventing bad outcomes is preferable to investigating and reacting to them


Quality is best approached from a systems perspective that includes a proactive component


Metrics and measurement are crucial to quality but are not in themselves “improvement”


Engaging the front line accelerates and sustains performance improvement

Meet the QIP System

The core technology driving QI Path solutions

A scalable, cloud-based platform that helps you quickly find, prioritize and address vulnerabilities in any high-stakes project, program, process or function.

QIP provides a structured, collaborative environment that engages and empowers cross-functional teams, from top executives to front line staff.

The QIP System helps teams locate locate their most critical risks, and provides powerful tools to address them proactively, before they cause problems.

As usage grows, the value of the QIP System multiplies, providing aggregated views of risk that allow you to pinpoint risk hot spots across your enterprise.

QI Path helps move the needle on organizational culture, building risk awareness at the front line, breaking down departmental silos and driving higher reliability operations.



Measurable Benefits for You and Your Stakeholders

icon-awardFewer quality and safety issues

icon-hourglassEliminate rework and waste

icon-clockMore effective use of time

icon-cycleGreater process efficiency

icon-arrow-vReduce uncertainty,
better decision-making

icon-peopleImproved culture through
staff engagement

What Our Clients Say

“We needed a user-friendly, web-based tool that would allow us to conduct focused, high-gain risk analyses proactively, across global sites. QI Path is THE solution – their product is peerless and they delivered high quality training and consultation so that we could maximize the gains. The results were beyond even our most optimistic hopes – a greater than 75% reduction in quality issues in the year of implementation. In the clinical research setting, that translates to a very significant improvement in patient safety.”

Oren Cohen, M.D. –  Head of Early Clinical Development, Top-tier CRO

I’ve seen it work! This is the best user-friendly tool for taking a systematic and proactive approach to risk reduction and quality.

Biopharma Chief Medical Officer

We could not have begun this patient safety work without QI Path. The hospital has made a commitment to high-quality patient care and QI Path has helped us live up to this commitment.

Infection Control Specialist

I am able to introduce the QI Path system to front line staff quickly. This enables us to manage more as well as more complex projects at one time, bringing a new level to our quality improvement work.

Hospital Patient Safety Collaborative

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