Are you stuck in reaction-mode?

Ever feel like you’re playing wack-a-mole? Rushing from one crisis to the next, always on your heels, waiting for the next “unpleasant surprise?”

QI Path’s software-enabled solutions help you quickly find, prioritize and address vulnerabilities before problems occur, eliminating waste, errors, re-work and uncertainty.


Gain confidence in the future by reducing uncertainty. Gain control by proactively eliminating the causes of errors, re-work, hazards and delays.

Qi Path

Proactive Approach – Because Prevention Pays

Eliminate re-work, delays, waste and uncertainty


It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s Structured Common Sense

QI Path solutions combine software, consultation and guidance to help organizations shift from a reactive, response-based risk approach, to a forward-facing, proactive stance. Our Structured Common Sense™ methodology drives meaningful changes upstream to prevent costly issues and bad outcomes downstream. QI Path’s methodology follows a simple 4-step sequence, facilitated by the QIP system.

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