Are you stuck in reaction-mode?

Ever feel like you’re playing wack-a-mole? Rushing from one crisis to the next, always on your heels, waiting for the next “unpleasant surprise?”

QI Path’s software-enabled solutions help you quickly find, prioritize and address vulnerabilities before problems occur, eliminating waste, errors, re-work and uncertainty.


Gain confidence in the future by reducing uncertainty. Gain control by proactively eliminating the causes of errors, re-work, hazards and delays.

Qi Path

Proactive Approach – Because Prevention Pays

Eliminate re-work, delays, waste and uncertainty


It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s Structured Common Sense

QI Path solutions combine software, consultation and guidance to help organizations shift from a reactive, response-based risk approach, to a forward-facing, proactive stance. Our Structured Common Sense™ methodology drives meaningful changes upstream to prevent costly issues and bad outcomes downstream. QI Path’s methodology follows a simple 4-step sequence, facilitated by the QIP system:

What are we concerned about? The QIP system provides a simple, highly structured platform for cross-functional t eams to identify and mitigate risk in any program, project, function or process.

What could go wrong? Teams locate vulnerabilities and identify specific points of risk in the structure being analyzed. These vulnerabilities represent the upstream causes of future problems and potential bad outcomes.

Which risks matter the most? The QIP system makes it easy to prioritize and isolate risks that pose real threats to the program or success, producing a clear “short list” of actionable target items.

How do we mitigate the risk? QIP provides tools that drive real action to eliminate vulnerabilities and mitigate high-priority risks through the application of appropriate rigor and focused, mitigating actions.

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