Get it Right the First Time

Eliminate the errors that cost you time, money and product

Preventive medicine for critical processes

The successful development, production and distribution of cannabis products depends on a whole lot going right, and nothing going wrong. QI Path helps you proactively pinpoint and eliminate specific points of risk in your mission- critical processes, plans and functions to drive better outcomes and eliminate uncertainties.

  • Product Design and Development
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manfacturing and Packaging
  • Shipping, Distribution and Retail
  • QC, QA and Audit Preparation

Get out of reaction mode

QI Path’s affordable, proactive solutions combine our proven SCS™ methodology, easy to use software and expert consulting and support. We help operators eliminate vulnerabilities at any point along the seed-to-sale continuum, including:

  • Seed and clone development
  • Planting, cultivation and processing
  • Manufacturing and packaging
  • Sales and distribution

It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s Structured Common Sense (SCS)™

Our proven, proactive approach, based on the best principles of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, follows an easy-to-understand, 4-step process facilitated by the QIP System, our user-friendly software platform.

Affordable, customized solutions

QI Path helps you stop playing "whack-a-mole" with operational issues by preventing problems from occurring in the first place. We tailor our software-powered solutions to match your timelines, budget and goals, no matter what the scope.

  • Rapid, small-scale engagements (eg 30-60 days) targeting specific, known issues
  • Operational implementations to optimize multiple processes or systems
  • Long-term deployments to manage risk across the large, distributed enterprise

QI Path’s solutions combine consultancy, software access and support to meet the needs of each engagement.

Reduce risk anywhere

QI Path allows you to address any process, plan or function in your operation, rooting out the risks that can threaten your success. We can help you eliminate persistent problems in a particular process, shore up preparations for compliance audits, optimize your supply chain and streamline the fulfillment and distribution of orders. Wherever failure is not an option, QI Path can help.

Focus on the hot-spots

QI Path drives direct actions focused on the areas of greatest threat. The QIP System provides managers with clear visibility into critical processes, where vulnerabilities have been identified, and what's being done to address them. It empowers the front line with ownership of operational improvements, and helps improve culture by breaking down the functional silos that often hinder improvement efforts.

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