Free Help with Covid-19 Operations

No organization is immune to the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you're a hospital facing the next surge, a school system struggling with the uncertainties of "reopening", or a public health agency tasked with coordinating a wildly complex web of resources and activities across numerous, critical functions, you're in a high-stakes game where failure is not an option. QI Path will help you locate and eliminate critical vulnerabilities in your preparedness and response efforts, fast, affordably and effectively.

Who We Help

We’ll help you quickly locate, prioritize and eliminate critical failure points in your plans and processes. We’ve done this before. In 2014, we helped the National Institutes on Health mitigate the risks of receiving and treating ebola patients at their Clinical Center. They’ve been using QI Path ever since. We can help you now, no matter what industry you’re in.

  • Hospitals, health systems, LTC organizations and other providers
  • Public health and emergency preparedness agencies
  • Schools and school systems
  • Food producers, distrubutors and retailers


    QI Path's proactive risk mitigation solutions will help you quickly find the gaps in your COVID-19 preparation and response efforts, and fill them before problems occur. You'll be able to pinpoint areas of vulnerability, identify specific risks that pose the greates threat, and develop real actions to eliminate the risk. These solutions create impact across multiple environments, and can help optimize COVID-19 preparation and response for any organization, including:

  • Hospitals, health systems, LTC organizations and other providers

  • Public health and emergency preparedness agencies

  • Schools and school systems

  • Food producers, distrubutors and retailers

  • Hospitals, health systems, LTC organizations and other providers

  • Public health and emergency preparedness agencies

  • Schools and school systems

  • Food producers, distrubutors and retailers

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    We’re offering this service free of charge because we want to do our part, and we know we can help – period. We’ll engage with as many organizations as possible, within the limits of our capacity. The extent and scope of assistance we provide is determined on a case-by-case basis, and on each organization’s specific needs.


    This service is offered pro bono to any organization battling COVID-19 on the front line. Each engagement will provide a combination of QI Path consulting services (delivered remotely) and software access and support. Our team will utilize QI Path’s powerful and proven “Structured Common Sense” methodology, a simple, highly-structured approach to capture,prioritize and mitigate specific risks in processes and plans. The QIP System, our user-friendly, cloud-based software platform, makes the process easy, fast and highly effective.


    An engagement in this free program will begin within 72 hours of initial contact, with duration based on scope and urgency – it could last from a few days to several weeks or longer. Following are the basic components of a typical project engagement, and elements QI Path provides to ensure the project will deliver maximum impact:

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    • Needs Evaluation: in an initial phone call, we’ll work with you to determine your organization’s specific needs and concerns relating to your COVID-19 response efforts. If you choose to go forward, we will put a formal agreement in place defining the terms and boundaries of the free engagement.

    • Rapid Risk Analysis Plan: Based on your needs and schedule, we’ll outline a plan for proactively identifying and eliminating critical vulnerabilities that put your COVID-19 response at risk. We will lay out the plan’s components and how QI Path’s methodology will be used to carry it out.

    • Free access to the QIP System: QI Path’s easy to use, cloud-based software simplifies, streamlines and strengthens the risk mitigation process. User accounts will be provided to any or all members of your team or group collaboration. QI Path will provide rapid training on this very intuitive system. At the completion of our initial engagement, you may continue using the system free of charge for any projects directly and exclusively related to your organization’s COVID-19 response efforts.

    • Expert Services and Support: QI Path experts will provide support and guidance throughout the engagement. Services will be delivered remotely, via web conference, phone and email. At a baseline, we will facilitate three meetings with you and/or your team, with scheduled “check-ins” between: a) A Kickoff Meeting to get the project in gear, and inform the team on identifying and capturing risks; b) a Risk Review Meeting, in which the team will prioritize the risks discovered since the kickoff, and begin defining and assigning mitigating actions to address specific, high-priority risks; an Action-planning Meeting, in which the team will define and schedule the mitigating actions, verify accountability and determine resource requirements and tracking.


    To implement this no-cost program, we have assembled a team of dedicated professionals, each with a strong sense of civic duty. Collectively, this team brings deep expertise and extensive experience in systems improvement, risk management, industrial engineering, process design and disaster planning and response.

    Tom Leifer is the Founder and President of QI Path, and has been dedicated to improving safety, reliability, quality and effectiveness in healthcare since 2002. He drives QI Path’s extensive work with hospitals, health systems, clinical research and development companies, and federal health agencies.

    Jamie Hinton is a passionate healthcare innovator, strategist and leader who has devoted her career to improving the safety, quality and value of healthcare for 15 years. She has held executive and leadership positions in hospitals, health systems and long-term care organizations. She holds a Masters in Public Health specializing in epidemiology, and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Practitioner.

    Keith Poole is an authoritative expert, educator and practioner of systems improvement, process engineering and organizational change. With a BS in Metallurgical Engineering, an MS in Quality Assurance and Six Sigma Black Certification, Keith has successfully applied his skills to improve quality, processes and efficiency for more than 20 years, with a focus on health systems since 2007.

    Kendra Kreutz has been improving healthcare outcomes through systems science and process engineering for more than fifteen years. Holding an MS in Health Systems Engineering and PMP certification, she has led efforts in health technology implementation, patient safety and quality improvement, health systems research and process design.

    Derek Ayers is Vice President of Solutions at QI Path. As a medical officer in the 10th Mountain Division of the United States Army, he was responsible for overseeing operations, logisitics and the medical supply chain for multiple combat zone clinics in Afghanistan. He understands better than most the necessity for flawless execution in high-risk processes, and applies his unique knowledge, skills and mission-focused mindset to solve the most challenging problems in public and private healthcare settings.

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