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The Stakes are High. Time is Short.

Those on the front line of the battle with COVID-19 know it’s not a question of “if” but “when” the epidemic will stretch their capabilities to the breaking point.  Many lives are at stake, and there will be no second chances in the response to this global threat. QI Path will help fail-proof your response efforts – FAST, and at no cost. With so many sacrificing to fight this public health crisis, we see it as our civic duty to pitch in. There are no strings.

Quickly locate and eliminate your critical vulnerabilities

Many organizations have standard response protocols in place for emergencies like COVID-19, and those who don’t are quickly adopting guidance from national and international organizations like the CDC and WHO.  Protocols define what should happen in the event of an emergency. But the critical question is what could happen: “what could go wrong?” in your response.  Responding to an emergency of this scope involves a complex web of coordinated, cross-functional (and cross-organizational) processes. We’ll jump in and help you quickly and proactively find and address weaknesses in your response, to eliminate dangerous “surprises” before they can occur.

Find the Gaps.
Fill them NOW. For Free.

We’ve done this before. A leading, well-known federal agency came to us to help mitigate risks in treating ebola patients during the 2014 crisis, and we’ve been working with them ever since. We will help you quickly locate,  prioritize and eliminate the potential failures in your response efforts.  We’ll help hospitals,  long-term care facilities, government agencies and global organizations and any organization in this fight.   We will provide our services free of charge to as many organizations as we can handle,  given the resources we have at hand.    We’re experts at proactive risk mitigation. We can act QUICKLY, and we’re ready to join the fight with you.

Complete Solutions: Software + Consulting + Guidance

Solutions tailored to match each customer’s needs, timelines and budgets

It’s Not Rocket Science. It’s Structured Common Sense

QI Path helps organizations shift from a “react-and-recover” approach to risk and quality to a forward-facing, truly proactive stance. Our Structured Common Sense™ methodology drives impactful changes upstream to prevent costly issues and bad outcomes downstream. QI Path’s methodology follows a simple 4-step sequence, facilitated by the QIP system:

  1. What are we concerned about? The QIP system provides a simple, highly structured platform for cross-functional teams to identify and mitigate risk in any program, project, function or process.
  2. What could go wrong? Teams locate vulnerabilities and identify specific points of risk in the structure being analyzed. These vulnerabilities represent the upstream causes of future problems and potential bad outcomes.
  3. Which risks matter the most? The QIP system makes it easy to prioritize and isolate risks that pose real threats to the program or success, producing a clear “short list” of actionable target items.
  4. How do we mitigate the risk? QIP provides tools that drive real action to eliminate vulnerabilities and mitigate high-priority risks through the application of appropriate rigor and focused, mitigating actions.

Meet the QIP System


QIP is a scalable, cloud-based platform that helps you quickly find, prioritize and address vulnerabilities in any project, program, process or function.

The QIP system is a cloud-based platform designed to help operational teams work across functions to achieve common goals. It is easy to use, easy to administer, and generates value from top to bottom, from the executive suite to the front line.

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