Prevent Failures

with Simplified

Risk Management

Mistakes waste millions of dollars every year. In extreme cases, these oversights cost lives.

Biggest Industry Myth:

Mistakes Are Inevitable


Creating a high reliability culture is possible!

Costly errors, miscues and rework don’t have to be part of “the cost of doing business.”

A robust, proactive risk management approach, like QI Path’s, provides a way to prevent errors, rather than investigating the bad outcomes they produce.

Complex organizations with cross-functional teams need to identify the weak spots in their plans and operations to reliably improve systems and eliminate vulnerabilities.

QI Path offers a logical, systematic approach for preventing hazardous errors in healthcare, security, emergency preparedness, product development and manufacturing.

With the support of a QI Path expert consultant, your team leaders apply QI Path’s Structured Common Sense™ framework on an easy to use web platform to pinpoint, prioritize and address the risks that pose the greatest threats to your success.

Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Learn how we use the key principles of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), made simple by our proprietary Structured Common Sense™ methodology, to streamline workflows, scale processes, prevent errors, and eliminate uncertainty. The intuitive, logical process is made fast and easy with the QIP System, our user friendly software platform.

Can QI Path Support Your Business?

Our collaborative, proactive process helps identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in any organization with high-stakes processes, critical functions, or anywhere failure is not an option. QI Path works across multiple industries, including: hospitals and healthcare; pharmaceutical development; food and cannabis operations; disaster planning, emergency management and cybersecurity.


Hospitals, health systems and pharmaceutical development


Cultivation, manufacturing, production, packaging and distribution

Emergency Management

Government agencies, relief organizations and private companies

Cyber Security

Applications, networks, and cloud services

Food Safety and Quality

Supply chain and manufacturing,

It’s Easy, See How We Do It


Gain control of critical processes, plans, and programs by proactively locating, prioritizing and eliminating vulnerabilities and risk.

Get It Right The First Time

QI Path’s software-enabled solutions help you quickly find, prioritize and eliminate vulnerabilities in mission-critical, high-risk processes, plans and designs, preventing hazardous errors, waste, re-work and compliance issues. QI Path brings high reliability, safety and quality when the stakes are too high to fail.

It’s Not Rocket Science.

It’s Structured Common Sense™

QI Path’s Structured Common Sense™ (SCS) methodology is built on the principles of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and other proven systems improvement methodologies.

Facilitated by the QIP System, our web-based software platform, SCS moves quickly from upstream analysis to real actions that prevent costly issues and bad outcomes. SCS follows a simple 4-step process, facilitated by the QIP system.

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